Kitty Pin 2021


Shipping to United States: $5.00

Special limited time item alert!
Recently one of my beloved rescue cats had a rare reaction to a standard vaccine. Her inflammatory response may last weeks or even months and she requires daily supportive care. This has of course, run up some quite large and quite unexpected vet bills, stemming from a regular annual visit for a young healthy cat. In lieu of traditional fundraising efforts I have made a special edition pin available to buy in an attempt to help with the costs.
Of course all purchases from independent artists contribute directly to a real person and their family’s well being, which is why supporting small business is so wonderful!

Thank you so much for your support (and Sophie says thank you too!)

A little kitty head pin, meant to be worn anywhere but especially cute when popping out of a pocket.

Each pin is totally fabricated, sawed and stamped out by hand. These are made to order with an approximate 2 week turnaround.

Nickle silver with base metal hardware with a black rubber back

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