Horned Moon Necklace


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This shop section is named for the ancient Titan Goddess of light. As a light goddess she was responsible for giving gems and precious metals like silver and gold their shine and intrinsic value. All the pieces in this section are fabricated entirely by hand from sterling silver sheet and wire using traditional silversmithing techniques. Each one is one of a kind.

Carved horn crescent moon in a simple everyday necklace accented with a few silver granules. On a short 16 inch silver plated chain to lay flat against your chest over your heart

Transparency about sourcing is important to me. This crescent in white is carved from the bone of water buffalo and in black is carved from
the horn of water buffalo (not the endangered species, the regular kind) in much of the non western world water buffalo are extremely common and raised as labor and meat animals as well as being found wild. Carving their bone and horn after death is a long tradition and they are never killed for this purpose

These are made to order by hand using a natural object so slight variations will occur, this is not the actual necklace you will receive.

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