Just a weird girl making jewelry for other weirdos and entraced by the idea of what we leave behind in the world that wasn't there before

I am a collector. Of things. All sorts of things, and I change my mind every now and again about the things I'd like to collect.
A few years ago I was most into collecting mourning memorialbilia: funerary photos, Victorian hair art, and mourning jewelry of all kinds. I discovered that on rare occasions Victorians made jewelry from human teeth. I was enthralled. I needed a piece of human tooth jewelry. And I was poor, so it had to be cheap. At the time I couldn't find such a thing anywhere, but people in mid obsession are stubborn so I resolved to make my own.
I bought my first set of extracted wisdom teeth on eBay (a thing they sadly no longer allow) and, after an awkward trip to the hardware store for the appropriate dremel attachments to drill a human tooth I made 3 necklaces and a ring and Extollo Jewelry was born
The name means "to adorn" in Latin and I sorely wish it was easier to spell. Since it's creation I have been lucky enough to do something I love, to send things I made with my hands all over the world, to meet and be inspired by like-minded people and artists, and to learn and learn and learn some more.
My jewelry remains inspired by Victoriana and mourning traditions. It has expanded to include animal bones inspired by the beauty and delicacy of Victorian era hunting trophy jewelry, rosaries inspired by the ritual of my catholic upbringing, pieces that reflect my interest in the occult, and anything else that pops into my head and out of my hands

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