Medusa Pendant Necklace XL in Mother of Pearl


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This collection is named for Theia, the Titan goddess of light responsible for giving precious metals and stones their intrinsic value. All pieces in this section are made by hand by me.

Medusa the gorgon from Greek mythology reproduced from a carved water buffalo bone face and hand fabricated sterling snakes for hair.

In some versions on the Medusa myth Medusa is simply the only mortal of the three gorgon sisters, in some (sadder) versions she was originally a beautiful mortal woman turned into the fearsome snake haired gorgon by a vengeful Athena after she is raped by Poseidon. In all versions, her gaze could turn anyone who looked directly at her to stone.
She was eventually killed by the hero/ half god Perseus on the quest he was sent on to save his mother from marrying a tyrant king. Her head was delivered to the king Polydectes and from her blood both the beautiful Pegasus and the golden giant Chrysaor were born. The disembodied Head was also useful for turning people to stone, which Perseus used it for on the Titan Atlas, the fiancé of his love, and his mother’s fiancé. It was eventually placed on Athena’s shield.

An extra large pendant approximately 2.5 inches in total height including the bail and heavy from the weight of all the snakes. On a 20 inch sterling silver rolo chain finished to match the finish on the pendant.

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It is handmade and one of a kind

A note on water buffalo bone: This IS NOT from endangered species of water buffalo. In much of the non western world domesticated water buffalo are quite common and used for meat and as pack animals. It is a long tradition to carve their bones and horns after they are used for this purpose, they are not killed for this purpose, this way simply more of them is utilized. I say all this because sourcing is important to me and so are the moral issues around using animal parts. I want to be as transparent as possible.


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